Loyal is an early stage biotech company developing drugs to help dogs live longer, healthier lives. We see aging as a disease that can be slowed and improved with medicines. Loyal was spun out of Laura Deming’s Longevity Fund and is well funded by top venture capitalists and angels.

As the Executive Assistant to our founder and CEO, Celine, you’ll handle a wide range of administrative support tasks while juggling diverse responsibilities for the organization. We’re looking for someone who enjoys streamlining hectic days, who can jump into the chaos, and thrive in a constantly changing environment. We value someone who is a self-starter, incredibly organized, detail-oriented, and flexible. The ideal candidate should be able to help build and maintain external and internal relationships, and have excellent oral and written communication skills. 

You Will:
-Directly support our busy CEO: 
 Manage and triage her inbox
Draft responses on her behalf
​​-Manage her highly complex calendar and scheduling via Google Suite
-Prioritize meetings based on evolving context and proactively adjust her schedule.
-Take notes in key meetings.
-Help manage her relationships (ability to recall previous notes, events, questions, facts, personal anecdotes, etc)
-Schedule team-wide meetings
Manage the office
-Order snacks, meals, supplies, catering, help coordinate cleaners, event setup

-Help with shipping out gifts and swag to team members
-Wear many hats. You’re able to balance several tasks at once and can easily pivot as priorities change. 
-Have a “no job too small” mentality

You Are:

-Impact-Driven – You’re mission-driven, and you think there’s more to life than software that enables puppy ears to be superimposed in photos. (Although we concede those are cute.)

-Detail-Oriented – You have exceptional organizational skills, don’t drop things and can always be counted on to follow through.

-A Team Player – You’re kind, collaborative and humble. Teams want to be in the trenches with you, and to build something great by your side.

-Entrepreneurial – You’re a self-starter who loves to own things end-to-end. You anticipate problems and proactively find solutions, take initiative, and leverage a network of resources to solve problems.

-Efficient – You respect the time of those around you and know how to work with people who are squeezed for time.

-Emotionally-intelligent – You have a good feel for company relationships and management dynamics.

-Bay area-based and willing to commute into our SF office at least two days a week


Our Values

The Fundamentality of Health | Good health is critical to every other human (and animal!) experience. We believe health is a fundamental right and are dedicating our lives to maximizing health and developing better medicines for the worst diseases.

Truth Seeking & Feedback Loops | Uniquely in biology, there is a predetermined truth of whether a specific drug will work or not — we just have to catch up with biology! We seek out this truth and do not shy away from inconvenient truths. This holds for personal development too: we are always searching for feedback loops and embody a perpetual growth mindset.

Morality & Empathy | We are developing medicines that may one day be given to a living animal, medicines that if designed badly could hurt that animal instead of help. This is a huge responsibility and should be respected as such. Our work needs to adhere to the strictest moral code and always integrate empathy for the patient.

Transparency | We believe full transparency in thoughts, opinions, intentions, and actions (both good ones and mistakes) is a better way to build a business and work together.

Kindness | Great business(wo)men do not need to be ruthless — you can execute excellently with kindness.

Dog gifs | We love them