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Packhire is an employment search engine and recruiting service connecting pet lovers with careers exclusively in the pet industry.

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Global Pet Care Market

The global pet industry is expected to reach $202 Billion by 2025.

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What other people thought about the service provided by PackHire

PackHire offers an amazing service for pet people who are looking for careers in the pet care industry.  I recently started as a digital marketing manager for a DTC pet food brand in the bay area. I had spent months searching numerous job boards trying to find marketing and branding positions specific to the pet care industry with no luck.  PackHire seems to have a bit of everything for those who know they want to be in this field.

All kinds of pet care related jobs on PackHire. Learned about them through a virtual DVM career fair. Good support.

Came across PackHire through a Vet Tech posting on TikTok. Easy to apply and post your resume on the website. Happy to see that there is a catch all job board for the pet care industry now.

Found a great position as a groomer/stylist at a favorite Manhattan Beach mom & pop studio via PackHire. Owners are very nice and give good training. Hours are flexible and shop is busy. Have had the opportunity to groom small and large dogs as well as cats here! Was referred to PackHire by a friend. Highly recommend them!

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