About Us

Vet and vet tech

PackHire’s job search platform is the perfect meeting place for job seekers and employers in the pet world.

PackHire was created by pet people for pet people. We believe that animal lovers should have their own place to search for jobs that cater to their skills, background and interest in working in pet care.

Why should we have to use the same stale old online job boards created for the masses?

Say goodbye to poor and irrelevant search results and expensive membership fees

Now you can easily browse various categories and positions that interest you and perform focused searches with pawsome results… for free!

Search From a Variety of Careers

Are you interested in working with animal rescues and non-profits or looking for positions at pet resorts, grooming and doggie day care facilities? 

Perhaps you are looking for sales, customer service or management positions in major pet store retailers…

Maybe your background is in veterinary care or zoology…

Are you a software engineer, supply chain manager or data analyst searching for careers at innovative and disruptive pet care startups?


Are you a Petfluencer looking for partnership opportunities with exciting new pet care start-ups?

Better yet, maybe you just want to see what’s out there…

PackHire is here to help you find your pack!