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The Office of Lab Animal Resources in the Health Sciences Center at West Virginia University is seeking applications for an Animal Care Technician (Research Aide). This position is responsible for performing animal care duties on a variety of lab animal species used in biomedical research. This position involves work during weekends, weekdays, holidays or after hours. This position also requires initial and periodic Medical Monitoring exams through the Occupational Medicine Program.

In order to be successful in this position, the ideal candidate will:

45% Animal Husbandry Duties:

  • Disassemble rodent caging and separate equipment.
  • Dump soiled cages in cage wash area and run soiled cages through rack and tunnel washer.
  • Operate cage washers for sanitizing and sterilizing rodent cages.
  • Prepare routine daily maintenance on cage washers as described in SOP’s and as directed by supervisors.
  • Reassemble rodent cages, auxiliary equipment, other cages and equipment.
  • Prepare cages for room setups and cage changes.
  • Provide cage setups and general support to the “Core Facilities” within the perimeter of the vivariums.
  • Remove trash daily, provide general custodial duties for work area and support areas.

25% Animal Care Duties:

  • Observe animals in assigned animal rooms and report any abnormalities to the supervisor or veterinary staff.
  • Provide food and water to animals and cage changes as described in the SOP’s and daily work schedule.
  • Set up for newly arrived animals and put newly arrived animals in cages as directed by the Supervisor.
  • Provide topical and other basic clinical treatments as prescribed by veterinary staff.
  • Document all procedures performed in animal rooms including room logs, temperature/relative humidity and monthly room duties as described in logbook.
  • Report to supervisors any abnormalities with equipment in animal rooms or abnormalities that require immediate attention.

25% Facility Maintenance Duties:

  • Maintain vacuum cleaners in animal rooms.
  • Change and maintain filter for change stations and ventilated racks.
  • Operate floor scrubbers and pressure washers for animal room sanitation and support area cleanliness.
  • Remove animal carcasses weekly from cold room and refrigerators and packed into boxes for removal by outside contractor.
  • Stock PPE cabinets and other area where supplies need to be stocked.
  • Assist in unloading feed truck and putting feed away.
  • Assist in receiving all other supplies to the vivariums.
  • Assist in transport of caging and other equipment between vivariums.

5% Other Duties:

  • Attend all training sessions and complete all on-line required training.
  • Attend all mandatory staff meetings.
  • Responsible for laundry for staff scrubs and other items in vivarium that require laundering.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisors.

Work Hours: Must be able to work weekdays and weekends.

Pay Grade: 10

  • Associate’s degree OR an equivalent combination of education and directly related experience.
  • 0-6 months of experience working with either laboratory animals or farm animals preferred.
  • Perform tasks in wash room in timely fashion by working efficiently and effectively as a team with co-workers.
  • Ability to wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including a PAPR (personal air purification respirator).
  • Good observation skills. Good manual dexterity for handling small laboratory animals (i.e. mice and rats).
  • Ability to follow written and oral instructions in English.
  • Ability to perform tasks which require exposure to animal species including mice, rats guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, pigeons, rabbits, cats, dogs, non-human primates, sheep and swine and other exotic animals.
  • Must be able to accept exposure (with proper PPE and respirator protection) of animal dander, dusts and fecal matter, fumes from various cleaning solutions and chemicals.Also exposure to hot humid environment of cage washer and autoclaves and cold extremities for working outside with farm animals.
  • Ability to pick up small animals with one hand while using the other to hold cage or equipment.
  • Ability to be flexible to perform all types of tasks, and comprehend changes and be able to implement changes immediately. Provide feedback when changes are implemented.
  • Ability for compassion toward animal welfare in a research environment.
  • Certified by the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) as a Certified Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician (ALAT) preferred.
  • This position requires Medical Monitoring, including periodic health monitoring and/or training.

Physical Demands:

  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds and be able to move caging racks and cages which are on casters.
  • Constant standing, stooping, bending, kneeling, walking, and crouching.
  • Must be able to work in hot steamy washroom where cage washers and autoclaves are operating at high temperatures.
  • Cold extremities when working outside with farm animals.
  • Have the ability to walk, stand, stoop and bend for long periods of time, including working in a crouching positions for a period time to observe animals in cages.
  • Must be able to move large size caging and racks which are on casters.
  • Must be able to accept exposure (with proper PPE and respirator protection) of animal dander, dust, fecal matter, fumes from various cleaning solutions and chemicals.

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Job Posting
: Jul 7, 2021

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: Classified

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: Non-Exempt

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: Yes

: Full-time