Top 5 Trends We Saw At SuperZoo 2021

It was great meeting many of you at SuperZoo in Las Vegas last week! We hope you had a wonderful National Dog Day with your pups and wanted to share some top trends and hot topics related to the Pet Industry from Super Zoo this year!

CBD Products: As our pets have grown accustomed to our round-the-clock presence during the long pandemic months, the transition back to the office can be very tough for some pets. Fortunately, there has been significant growth in the CBD product sector for pets. We have additional research supporting the benefits of hemp extract in pet treats, supplements, and oils, which may help soothe anxious or destructive pets. HolistaPet and Pawse are two companies in this space, and our taste testers were quite pleased with their products.


Exercise and Entertainment– Many of us have been walking, running, and playing with our pets more than ever these days. Other pets and pet parents have put on some pandemic lbs. Dawg Powered is a new treadmill for your dog, and powered by your dog’s momentum and stops when your dog stops moving. Great if you can’t get outside, need to burn off that puppy energy, or use it for rehabilitation.

Social Media Marketing– Many great speakers and influencers present at Super Zoo to share the importance of utilizing social media for your pet business. While everyone cannot have as many followers as the famous Dr. Adam Christman or Living with Pickles, we can market to and engage with customers through social media. Choose the right platform, post relevant and educational content for your audience, and post consistently. If you need help, consider hiring a temporary or project-based social media manager.

Health & Wellness: In the innovation incubator was Mella Pet Care, the world’s first pet thermometer, which allows you to take your pet’s temperature at home. This neat, non-invasive home diagnostic testing tool goes under the pet’s arm and has Bluetooth connectivity to your cellular device. Veterinarians and pet parents can monitor the temperature to detect ear infections, allergies, abdominal pain, and other health issues early and easily.

Hiring for your Pet Business: Groomers and Vets anyone? One of the biggest challenges expressed by retailers in the pet industry was hiring staff for their business. Experienced groomers, stylists, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians are particularly short in supply.  Business owners will need to focus on compensation, culture, training, and recruiting to find and keep quality workers. Check out PackHire’s blog based on tips to hire for pet care business and subscribe to our monthly newsletter. To post your job openings on our website, click here.

What’s Next?

  • We’ll be back in Las Vegas for the Western Veterinary Conference (Mon, Sep 6 – Thu, Sep 9).